Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One moment away

Most days, if we were honest, we are all one moment away from our world crashing down. One phone call or text with some bit if news that would shake us to the ground. Life - our marriages/families and often our jobs, etc - seems to be hanging in such delicate balance. One false move and crash!!! It's tough to find peace in the midst of this serious situation.

Psalm 62:1-2 is written on our family chalkboard just outside our kitchen.

Easier said than done, right?! My life daily claws for something to hold onto that doesn't change with the stock market, latest news from cnn, or that dreaded phone call from a loved one.

Hope is not a guessing game. The word has changed in our culture and lost its true meaning. Today, we often say I "hope" _______ happens or I "hope" _______ this and that with no real assurance of these things happening. It's like the ultimate rolling of he dice or tossing coins into the wishing fountain. "Maybe I'll get lucky..." This maybe be ok for insignificant matters of life, but not for the truly important: your family and friends, and yes, especially your heart and soul.

Hope for the believer in Jesus Christ returns back to its truest of meanings and uses. Christ in You = the Hope of glory. We have a sure foundation to stand on when (and they will come) the flood waters of this world rise! Make it your prayer today to find rest, peace, and salvation in the only true Rock and Fortress for your life - Jesus.

Put your faith and trust in the only One worthy today - then you can honestly know that you "will never be shaken." This faith-lived-out will be the "reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen!"