Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 Devotional Word #10: BLESSED

Did you know that today, March 6th, is National Oreo Cookie Day? Yep, if you're like me, you can almost taste a Double Stuf Oreo (or 7) in your mouth soon to be followed by some ice cold milk!

Leave it to my mentioning delicious cookies to get your attention! You have to admit that there are some really good things that we can experience in this life: family, food, friendship, and many other things that do and do NOT start with the letter F (like a good steak - sorry vegetarians!). Blessed!

Before I go on, I must clarify a few things.

I think America has been truly blessed by God's hand. There are so many blessings that can be associated with living in this incredible country. We are blessed even if only by our country of birth. Don't think so? Then travel outside the USA and see how much you miss and appreciate it!

Being blessed means so much more than where you live, what job you have, your bank account balance, the house/neighborhood you live i, or the car you drive.

According to the Bible, blessed is a state of existence that incorporates the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this life and the one to come. Being truly blessed is a byproduct of being in relationship with God - being a Christ follower and a child of the King of Kings.

Jesus said (Matthew 5:3-12 / the Beatitudes!) being blessed has a big correlation with one's pursuits and attitudes in this life. You can even be blessed in spite of the circumstances in which you find yourself. For those who: are poor in spirit, mourn, are gentle/meek, hunger and thirst for righteousness, are merciful, peacemakers, persecuted, and insulted...  God offers a place in His Kingdom, His comfort, new life, purpose and so much more!

"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." ~ James 1:17

Instead of focusing on all the things you wish would happen or thing you want to possess, remember that you are blessed!

Now go get some Oreos and a glass of cold milk!

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