Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Devotional Words #'s 12 & 13: PRAYER & EVANGELISM

* This post is to make up for the last two weeks before and during my mission trip out of the country.

The plane touched down on the runway and then came to a stop. We had finally made it to Liberia, West Africa.

This was my first mission trip to the continent of Africa and I was certain that God was going to do great things. What I wasn't certain of was how God was going to speak to me personally during my time in Liberia.

Our mission team led a conference for nearly 115 (maybe more) rural Liberian pastors and their wives (almost 90) at the Ricks Institute in Virginia near Monrovia. All were encouraged as we grew together in the Lord through Bible study, fellowship, worship and more.

Having spent nearly a week on the campus of Ricks, I was so very encouraged by the time with new friends - brothers and sisters in Christ. Here are a few thoughts I have on my heart and mind following the trip:


Thank you to all of you who committed to pray for us before and during the trip. I believe in the power of prayer and we could certainly sense God's peace and presence. Prayer is one of the most genuine expressions of our faith in God.

Prayer expresses our dependence upon God, "I need You, God. I can't make it without You, God. I trust in You, God. Without you, I am nothing, God."

Prayer reveals our desire for Him to move. As we pray for God to move as only He can, we express faith and trust in His provisions and power to move in any and all situations.

I certainly enjoyed many quality times of prayer while in Liberia. I was honored to be in the midst of the prayers of many of our Liberian brothers and sisters. I thank God for His speaking to me through His Holy Spirit and His Word.


One of the greatest joys we have in this life is to serve in God's Kingdom work through sharing the good news of Jesus. Many of us, however, get sidetracked by fear, doubt, and complacency.

We watched the movie The Insanity of God tonight at church. During years of interviews with people in the persecuted church around the world, Nik Ripken asks the question "is Jesus worth it?" The answer he discovers is a resounding YES, He is worth it all - all the sacrifices, all the struggles, all the pain, all the loss!

What is stopping you from sharing Jesus with the people you know who are lost apart from Jesus? What things do you need to lay down in order to be obedient to the call of God?

Prayer and evangelism are tied together... they complement each other perfectly. As you pray, God's heart and desires become your own. As you share Jesus with others, prayerfully surrender everything to God.

Daily turn your heart and life to the Lord in prayer and devotion. Sing your heart song to Him daily and follow in obedience as He leads you to share the good news with all who need to hear! 

Jesus is worth it!

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