Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Closer Look (inward)

I have decided to refrain from political comments. This is not political, it's deeply personal. 

We seem to be more divided than I can ever remember in my lifetime. Should I be surprised at my own selective outrage (and, honestly, in all of us) at current events in our country and world? Probably not. 

Open Doors just published its World Watch list and highlighted all the places on the globe where the persecution of Christians is rampant and unchecked. Where is the outrage?

TODAY, many thousands upon thousands of children (here and internationally) are in need of families willing to open their hearts and homes through foster care and adoption. Who will come to their aid? Where is the outrage?

The list of other issues important to many of us could go on and on. Where is the outrage? 

What I am most outraged at is the SIN nature of all humanity - especially my own! All of our nation's and world's problems come back to our SIN and selfishness. Why is our cry often, "ME, ME, ME, ME, ME..."?!?! At a time in our world's history when we should be most educated and "evolved," it seems as if the worst in all of us is rising to the surface. If this was not the case, we wouldn't have need for immigration measures or border walls, we wouldn't have law enforcement officers on edge fearful of people lying in wait to ambush/kill them, we wouldn't fear for our children's future... and on and on I could continue. We have a SIN problem to say the least! Where is the outrage at the glaring failures of all of us? 

Practically, there are real needs all around us - deeply spiritual, emotional and physical needs - here in the USA and overseas. May each one of us look in the mirror and see how we can be part of the solution and help.

Side note: I am so thankful for a mighty God who has graciously offered us freedom from the bondage of our own sin. His name is Jesus and by His work on the cross, my sin debt was paid. Salvation by faith in Him is our world's hope! I have come to realize that God has not just saved us so that we can go to heaven one day. We are called to be serving in His Kingdom work here and now as Salt & Light. Eternity doesn't start when we die... it's now too!

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